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It's no secret that Valve gets good money out of CS: GO's micro transactions.

In this blog I'm gonna count the average amount of money that Valve makes out of CS: GO The game itself Based off to an information from Steamspy there's 21,352,159 copies sold.

(Source: steamspy.com/app/730 )[INDENT]If we multiply the amount of copies sold with CS: GO's price we get the result of $ 320,068,863.

[/INDENT]Now this result is not correct because Steam's summer sales do affect to this, last sale 792,742 copies were sold.

There were 13,502,315 owners at that time and after the sale there was 14,295,057 so we assume that 5.87% of copies sold were from sales overall.

With simple math we can count that it makes 1,253,371 copies.[INDENT]1,253,371 * 7,5($) = 9,400,288320,068,863 - 9,400,288 = 310,668,575 $[/INDENT]That's the final result which might have small error percentage.(Source: steamspy.com/sale/ )Taxes and steam transaction fee Valve's headquarter is located in Washington, United States When counting the taxes we have to take in note that CS: GO is digital product thus normal sales taxes don't apply.

Washington State Legislature says the following "Based on the buyer’s records, the buyer may apportion the use tax in proportion to the in-state to out-of-state users." The amount of people working in Valve is a mystery and not a public data so I won't include taxes to this so all this will be gross.

Steam has a fee called "Steam Transaction Fee" and it only applies to items sold in steam community market. Based off to csgobackpack numbers total value of items is 211,713,935 $ and if people were to sell them at least once Valve would get 21,171,395 $.

This calculation might have a big error percentage since we can't get the exact numbers of ALL the items sold so I'm gonna take example here so you get the idea how much Valve makes daily without actually doing anything.

(Source: csgobackpack.net/)My example here is field-tested AK-47 Redline, as seen above.

That item was sold 2028 times in 24 hours and the average price was 5.7 $.

If we take the 10% out of the 5.7 $ and multiply it with 2028 we get 1155.96 $.